WP Gutenberg Shortcut Kit review

WP Gutenberg Shortcut Kit review

Did You Know That?

WP Gutenberg Shortcut Kit review

  • A website without page builder will probably load 3 times faster.
  • A website without page builder can load faster, even from a cheaper or slower server.
  • A website without page builder also gets better page scores
  • Your website will still be loading faster if you install 5 third-party blocks plugins then using 1 page builder
  • Page builders will cost you money in the long run!

WP Gutenberg Shortcut Kit Is Suitable For Everyone Using WordPress

  1. Freelancers who want to start a business as web content writers
  2. Any web designer looking for a more advanced editor for better professional web designing
  3. WordPress’ users who want to learn how to use the Gutenberg editor
  4. Any Individual who are looking for essential skill for your career path
  5. Any web designer looking for a more advanced editor for better professional web designing
  6. WordPress’ users who want to learn how to use the Gutenberg editor

The Simple Training Videos Shortcut To Master Gutenberg That Works For You

In this video course, you will learn about the main features of the default WordPress Gutenberg editor, its user interface, how to use all the blocks that are currently available when you install WordPress, and how to create pages and posts with this awesome editor and as well design an entire whole website of your choice using it.

You will then go ahead by going on a tour of the general interface for a post, then move on to learning about the standard interface for every Gutenberg block. Then you will see how each block works in detail.

WP Gutenberg Shortcut Kit review-If you can’t figure out a way to do what you want using the blocks that come with the built-in default WordPress, you’ll learn how you can add even more blocks to your editing toolbox.

You will also learn how you can reuse blocks, and if you really like a block you’ve created and want to use it on more than one website, you will learn how to do that, too.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned WordPress user or you’re working with WordPress for the first time, sometimes you just want someone to show you how to do something, so you don’t have to spend hours wasting your precious time researching it yourself.

At the end of this course, you will be comfortable and confident working with the default WordPress Gutenberg editor and be on your way to structuring your content exactly the way you want it to show and say goodbye to those expensive and bloated page builders.


Site Speed Issue
As for better SEO ranking, you need a faster site speed than your competitor’s websites. Website built by the traditional bloated page builder will have a heavy loading time and low site speed score. By using the lightweight Gutenberg to build your website will easily boost up your site speed score reading for a better and faster user experience on your website.

Compatibility Issues
Worrying about the compatibility issues for your current theme & plugins functions? This course will lead you to how to convert your site to Gutenberg without losing your current theme & plugins functions. Due to the evolution of WordPress, Gutenberg is getting better and better to fix every ongoing & future compatibility issue.

Sudden Steep Learning Curve
Gutenberg editor is not always intuitive to use. Perhaps you’ve tried to use it but didn’t quite get it, or you’re not sure how all the blocks and settings work. One of the most common complaints has been that people felt they had no choice and Gutenberg was pushed on them and hard to use. Not anymore! with this course, you will master Gutenberg in the shortest time. The future of WordPress Is Gutenberg.

Future Career Path
WordPress’ skill is essential & on-demand for freelancers or entrepreneurs who want to start their own online business anything like content writer, web designer, ads marketing agency, developer, affiliate marketing, etc.

Save Your Money
Save your money from expensive & bloated page builders, they not only make your website heavier to consume more storage space and resources but also make your page loading time increase by running unnecessary scripts. Gutenberg is FREE & has tons of third-party plugins that can be used together without any issue, and you will have full control over which to choose from.

WP Gutenberg Shortcut Kit bonus

WP Gutenberg Shortcut Kit
WP Gutenberg Shortcut Kit
WP Gutenberg Shortcut Kit

100% Satisfaction Or Your Money-Back Guarantee

WP Gutenberg Shortcut Kit

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