Weight loss through diet​

Weight loss through diet

Hardest core to loss weight through diet. But once you stick it  and follow up with easy. Here are the steps that day starting to ending food plans and some simple activities include:

Warm Up Drink:

 In Indian food, it is hard to skip coffee or tea. Drink your favorites but start your day with plenty of water.



 Make your breakfast with low carbohydrates and high protein. Take a healthy breakfast. Customize your food with high protein and fiber. Oatmeal along with three egg whites and one whole egg. If you are a vegetarian replace the egg with protein food. And go with Chickpeas Spinach Egg Bhurji Moong Dal Dosa and fiber dosa. And wheat chapathi without oil. Plain parantha with Egg white And Avoid brown bread.

Water Intakes:


    If you are in outside keep your water bottle. And make your day with three water bottles. And Keep it as a goal to drink it. 



Whatever you intake as a snack. Avoid white substances like sugar, and milk. It’s hard to avoid. But make the alternative for sugar in place of natural sugar.   Apple with green tea, Indian tea. Boiled chana chaat.Upma or oats.



Start your lunch with a salad like a carrot, cucumber, cabbage, and beetroot. And fill your plate with the smallest quantity of rice and surround it with protein, and vitamins in presence of egg, green leaf, brown rice, dal, grilled chicken, and grilled fish.



Involvement activities can make to lose weight fast. keep simple stretching exercises.



Make it with low carbohydrates and go with roti and salad, brown rice, soy chunks, and wheat parotta before bed if you feel hungry go with warm milk and banana.

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